Pharmabase: an integrated drug database for Healthcare information systems

The Health Base Foundation is a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands focussed on supporting primary care practitioners. We maintain an up-to-date database with drug data, alerts, decision support and patient education.

Our database - Pharmabase – can be integrated into healthcare information systems. By aggregating patient characteristics and drug information, relevant drug-related problems can be detected and solved by an alert and accompanying information to support decision-making. Currently, Pharmabase contains all registered drugs in the Netherlands and is used in over 1100 pharmacies across the Netherlands and Belgium.

How are alerts from Pharmabase generated?

Examples of alerts include:

  • contraindications e.g. a patient with cirrhosis of the liver who needs an analgesic.
  • drug-drug interactions e.g. a patient using simvastin who needs an antibiotic.
  • drug-allergies

Why can I trust alerts from Pharmabase?

All information contained within Pharmabase is up-to-date and supported by scientific evidence from literature and expert opinion. Our team of research pharmacists reviews the literature periodically and assesses the relevance of new and existing alerts. Additionally, we work with more than 80 clinical experts and an editorial board of primary care practitioners.

What information can I use from Pharmabase?

Due to the design of the database, we can link our alerts including decision support to local or national drug databases and integrate Pharmabase into your healthcare information system. 

Additionally, commentary on the alerts are available. Currently, these commentaries are in Dutch. However, translation into English or other languages is possible. 

Health Base also maintains a website for healthcare professionals on drugs by livercirrhosis. The information contains specific advices on livercirrhosis and medication safety.

How do we cover costs for maintaining Pharmabase?

The Health Base Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Professionals using Health Base data pay a fee to cover costs for developing and maintaining the database.  

More information? Please contact us

  • Sander Borgsteede Apotheker
  • Kayan Tsoi Apotheker

Sander Borgsteede, PharmD, PhD, Pharmacist/Epidemiologist, 
editor-in-chief Commentary on Drug Alerts,

Kayan Tsoi, MSc, Research Pharmacist Medication Surveillance, 

phone +31 30 470 03 60

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