Health Base Foundation

Health Base Foundation is the Centre of Excellence for medical and pharmacotherapeutic content in the Netherlands and Belgium.

As the Centre of Excellence for medical and pharmacotherapeutic content, we support general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and their patients. Health Base was founded in 1990 with the vision that healthcare professionals and patients should be provided with the most up-to-date and appropriate information on their health needs and/or medications.

Health Base actively contributes to this vision by creating medical and pharmacotherapeutic content such as clinical rules, protocols, reference guides for medication surveillance and patient information. Wherever possible, this content is integrated in the primary work process of healthcare professionals and is available to patients both online and offline.

Relevance to clinical practice

Health Base is a foundation run by healthcare professionals, which is why the usability of the content in clinical practice comes first. Advice given in Health Base content matches the knowledge level of the user. Content for healthcare professionals is worded differently to that for patients. This contributes greatly to effective, safe and efficient healthcare provision and use. Our content is fully integrated in the Pharmacy Information System.

Contribution to good and safe healthcare

Health Base stands for good and safe healthcare. The objective here is that healthcare professionals and patients are informed correctly at the right time to allow appropriate decisions on healthcare and medications to be made both jointly and independently. Our smart solutions contribute to this.

Our Patient Information is fully integrated in the Electronic Patient files, Hospital Information system and Patient Portals.

> 98%
of the Dutch pharmacies work with our content
> 30%
of the Belgium pharmacies work with our content
Nearly 50%
of all Dutch GPs work with our Protocols and Drug Formulary
> 50%
of all Dutch hospitals have our Patient Information integrated in their work proces

Up-to-date, accessible & reliable

Health Base stands for up-to-date accessible content. The primary focus lies on translating science, guidelines and other information into content that meets the needs of users.

Health Base greatly values reliability and scientific substantiation of all information. That is why the content and corresponding communication channels are continuously tested and updated. This is done by Health Base’s team of almost 40 staff, mainly GPs and pharmacists, plus support staff.

Its network of experts in the field and at universities allows Health Base to guarantee thorough substantiation of its advice and to stay attuned to all relevant scientific developments. There are various editorial committees within Health Base to ensure that all content is relevant to clinical practice.

What we do

Medication surveillance Comments
Clinical Decision Support Systems and Protocols
Personalized Patient Drug Information

01 Medication surveillance Comments

Medication surveillance Comments is a practical reference guide for healthcare professionals that allows them to identify, and where possible, avoid potential risks when prescribing and dispensing medication. It offers all the information necessary to act quickly when there are any medication surveillance alerts. Online and on paper.

Rule-based and data-driven clinical decision support systems and protocols contribute to effective, efficient healthcare, based on guidelines and standards identified by those in the field.

Our personalized patient drug information solution provides understandable information on medications and is given to patients – electronically or on paper - the first time medications are dispensed. It is a practical document containing an extract of the manufacturer's package leaflet, enriched with additional relevant information and personalized to the individual patient's health situation. It is available for almost all authorised medications in the Netherlands and Belgium. As of 2022, Health Base has been providing content to CareAnimations for patient education in Germany and France.

Health Base Foundation as Innovation Leader

Health Base Foundation plays an active role in various cutting edge projects by combining knowledge of healthcare, healthcare policy and IT. The Health Base Foundation works in close collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals, scientists, IT-professionals and policymakers on continuous improvement of healthcare.

Health Base Foundation is 100% funded by healthcare professionals.
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Peter Lafeber
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